International Standards training in VET for promotion of market relevant education (ISTRA)

Agreement № 2016-1-BG01-KA202-023738

Linking education with innovation is a necessary step towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in terms of increasing labor market relevance of VET and promoting a more resource efficient and competitive economy. The standards are crucial part of any activity on nowadays life. The necessity of education about standardization is already recognized at European level. The main objective of ISTRA project is the development and piloting of two sets of innovative training approaches and contents for VET and C-VET training on two widely applicable series of standards (ISO/IEC 27000 and ISO 31000). The educational materials about the standards will be developed by experts from the National Standardization Bodies of the countries involved in the project. These materials will be integrated in e-learning courses designed by e-learning experts. The e-courses together with an e-course for training the VET trainers will be piloted in the ISTRA Virtual Learning Environment /VLE/ developed through the use of cutting-edge ICT-based educational technologies and innovative approach towards delivering theoretical knowledge and practical skills in applying standards in various spheres.

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